Workplace welfare through structured employee follow-up

A workplace culture for open-dialogue, inclusivity and structured follow-up promotes employee welfare and prevents unnecessary sick-leave.

We help leaders put employees Workability at the centre of how they organise work and create a culture for workplace welfare.

70% of all sick leave is avoidable

Experts agree that good preventative measures and consistent follow-up processes help organisations tackle workplace welfare challenges today and those emerging in the future.

Workplace health is becoming complex

Mental illness is a rising factor in workplace health with over 30% of sick leave due to psychosocial factors in younger employees.
How work is organised, led and arranged directly impacts employee workplace welfare.

Leaders need tools and approaches

72% of employees want to work during sickness but only 50% of leaders offer facilitation options.
More can be done to keep people in work, but leaders need tools to reduce the workload and prevent workplace welfare issues arising.

Barriers prevent good follow-up

In 40% of sick leaves longer than 8 weeks, the employee does not return to work.
Today's systems and processes prevent open dialogue and co-ordinated efforts to get employees back into work. The result is more and longer sick leave absence.

Doctor not involved in follow-up

The doctor is the gatekeeper but is not involved in the facilitation and follow-up process.
Employers have no access to the doctor.
Doctor's have no access to employees work info.

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Facilitation and employee follow-up increase workplace welfare


How do we make it possible?

Structured employee follow-up

Help leaders with consistent and structured employee follow-up for sick-leave and day-to-day

Efficiency & Automations

Our recommendations and automations free up leaders’ time and reduce the burden of good employee follow-up

Facilitation & Workability

Structure work for your employees according to the work they can do

& best practice

Articles, recommendations and system guidance based in best leadership and occupational health practice


Connecting you to the doctor and professionals

Data control & security

Employee owns their data and controls over who has access to their case files


Tools for day-to-day employee follow-up and open communcation


Connected to national welfare systems

Our partners and customers shaping the future of workplace welfare solutions

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 What you get?

1. First access to use the system

2. Opportunity to contribute in shaping features and functionality

3. Close collaboration with our team and partners

4. Access to insights and latest best practice

5. Network with experts and opinion leaders

6. A great deal on a lifetime user licence for your organisation


Workability is helping leaders tackle new workplace welfare challenges


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